Most Popular Casino Games

Most Popular Casino Games

When it comes to finding the best games to play, there is no one better then you, our own loyal customers. You are the best at hunting out the games that are the most engaging, most rewarding, and most fun to play. You keep coming back time and time again to the same games, which something we have noticed. That’s why we bring you the Most Popular casino games page, dedicated to bringing you all the games that our players can’t get enough of. Here you will find all the most popular casino games in one place, ready for you to browse at your leisure.

History of Casino Games

The games that you see in online casinos today have a rich and varied history and have come a long way to having their digital versions on computer and mobile. Cards are widely considered to be the oldest form of gambling and are thought to have been around in some form or other for over 1,000 years. Gambling houses in Europe and saloons in America arose in around the 17th century, providing the public with establishments to go and play these games. While they were not casinos in name, they were very much the precursor to the modern casino format. Gambling occurred alongside music, food and other entertainment to draw in as many people as possible to their doors.

Once casinos started opening all over the world, new games came into popularity. Roulette sprang up in the 18th century France and all its variations were developed as it spread across the world. The 19th century saw the invention of slots, mechanised machines that rewarded winners with prizes such as gum or bar tokens. The legalisation of gambling in Nevada in the 1930s cemented the neon-filled American style of casino into the global consciousness and every new establishment has followed those forerunners ever since. Monte Carlo and other European casinos defined their own sense of style, but all casinos share a sense of glamour and sophistication.

And that brings us to today, where online casinos are enjoying more popularity than ever, creating games of their own which are becoming global hits. Streaming technologies, mobile gaming, and virtual reality are revolutionising the industry which is always ready to explore the next frontier.

Lots of Slots

You will find all sorts in the Most Popular casino games page, but there will always be more of one thing everywhere on NetBet, slots. We have more slots than any other casino game for one reason only, it’s what all of you love playing so much. There will always be the same type of slots near the top of the Most Popular casino games page, our Game of the Year, award-winners, and jackpots with massive payouts. Not to mention, our Game of the Week choice is sure to rocket that particular slot up the charts.

Because you love them so much, there are new slots all the time and they often feature in our popular promotion, Game of the Week. Each week a new slot is selected which will give all participating players double NetPoints for the whole week. There is also a chance for one of you to go home with £100 if you earn over 100 NetPoints on our chosen slot that week. This promotion is always live, so opt in and see what you’ll be rewarded with.

Hottest Table Games

Cards and other casino games are massively popular with those who like to include a little strategic thinking to your casino gaming. We have over 20 card games here at NetBet casino, yet we see you coming back to the same titles over and over again. If you want to have a look and see what’s the best card game to play, see what comes up in our Most Popular casino games page and you’ll be pointed in the right direction.

And then there are always our table games. Roulette is as popular online as it ever has been in real life with realistic emulators accompanied by the evocative sound of the ball clattering around the wheel. It’s so easy to fall right into the casino atmosphere that comes with our roulette games.

Play for real in the Live Casino

If you look through the card and table games that appear on the Most Popular casino games page, you will notice that they are overwhelmingly live versions. There’s nothing like playing against a real, professional croupier with actual cards to deal to you. Our roulette wheels are real mahogany, spun by hand to show your winning number.

Our Live Casino is the most exciting online gambling development in recent years, connecting the website and the player in a closer way than ever before. Employing the latest streaming technologies, we can beam a real casino experience right into our players’ homes at any time of day.

One of our live games that never leaves the Most Popular casino games page is Dream Catcher. An online casino phenomenon that’s easy to learn and fun to play. Everyone will have seen a Wheel of Fortune before even if they have never actually played one. They are popular as plot devices on TV, a mainstay of village fetes and, of course, the focal point of many casino floors. Dream Catcher is very similar, where you place bets on numbers that spin around the wheel and hope they stop on the counter. Low numbers are very common, and you are likely to come up but have smaller payouts. The risk-takers out there bet on the rare high numbers knowing that if it’s their lucky day, they’ll be in for some significant winnings. The classic nature of this game draws new customers every day, but they stay for the hosts. Dealers and croupiers have to be professional and engaging at all times, but the Dream Catcher hosts are also lively and fun. You can also easily interact with them via the Live Chat feature, talking about your numbers that come up and discussing the players who have been

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